Saturday, May 23, 2015

Go Topless Day 2015

Go topless day (this year was on May 16th) may sound great for some, fresh to others however it's day used nationwide (internationally even, I saw pics of an event in Australia) for Jeep clubs to help create awareness and raise money for breast cancer research. This year Caloosa Jeepers Club of Southwest Florida hosted the Go Topless Day at Lazy Springs Recreation Park.
The event like the park is a family friendly one, with food, raffles, and plenty of things to do for people of all ages. The official event began with a breakfast and a parade thru Ft. Myers, followed by a convoy run to Lazy Springs, while many other convoys from all over South Florida joined in at the park for a day of off-road driving, grilling, and hanging by or in the lake.
This is what normally happens when I stop for fuel (not always a police officer) someone curious about the jeep and trailer.

NightSun 4x4 vehicles displaying their lights.

A few of us decided to get to Lazy Springs the evening before and make a quick camping trip, because, why not?

Paco volunteered his Chef services for dinner and breakfast, it was awesome!

I'm thinking Mark was "supervising" dinner


 Wheelin' Gear was also present, go check their website out and tell them I sent you!

 Something about seeing older Jeeps out in the trails that makes me happy!

 The Jeep Only Club of Miami was in attendance with a good showing

The Caloosa Jeepers Club of Southwest Florida CJET Trailer, I was very impressed with how organized of a club they are and how much importance they give to safety, only the second club in Florida that I'm aware of that has a response team trained in First Aid and CPR, kudos!

These two took their grilling duties seriously, seriously funny!

BF Goodrich was present and with William Echols as their representative to hand out the gift certificate for a new set of tires.

Sugar Shaker Motor Club's Cookie and Bailey

The Wing House Girls of Ft. Myers where on hand hanging with none other than Capt. Jack

Of course it would not be a wheeling day without Mr. Kevin Osborne of Jeeps Gone Wild fixing someone's Jeep!

Mr. William Echols, a guy that I not only get to call a friend, but also a mentor, go check out his Youtube channel at Safari Outfitter!

And just like that this awesome day was over, but not without over 200 Jeeps in attendance, amazing prizes handed out thanks to all the event sponsors, and a great time full of new and old friends, and food! I'm looking forward to next year's event, and so should you. Remember to always leave the place you visit better than you found it, leave only your foot prints.


  1. What a wonderful event!! These event pictures are truly amazing. I bet everyone had great time over there. I have also made my mind to host such an outdoor company party on Christmas eve. Do you know any good corporate event planners that can help me in organizing the event?

    1. Mark,

      Glad you enjoyed the pics! Check out Trail Rated Events on Facebook, send them a message and tell them I sent you.

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