Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jeep Beach 2015 (from the inside)

I would like to begin this post with a huge "Thank you" to Nightsun 4x4 for having me at Jeep Beach 2015. Alright now to business!

(warning this may be a long post, so grab a cold one and enjoy)

What is Jeep Beach you ask?
Jeep Beach is an annual event of Jeep enthusiasts celebrating a passion for off-road vehicles. The event is held in Daytona Beach and is five days of family friendly fun for Jeep owners. The event also helps raise funds for local charities, and is hosted by the Mid Florida Jeep Club.

First official day (at least for vendors, displays and infield events) was Friday April 24th, 2015, and we were there bright and early to set up the Nightsun 4x4 booth. It was a very different experience being in as a vendor and seeing everyone set up their displays and booths. The morning air was filled with excitement, anticipation and a great sunrise in the background. The pictures here are from both Friday and Saturday, both days that were open to vendors and participants before the big parade and world record attempt on Sunday morning.

 Another great thing about being there so early was to get to see an unofficial parade of vendor vehicles as they drove by to get to their displays and the photo ops this provided prior to the crowds getting there.


 This beautiful beast had a Ram 2500 engine and rear axle in it, and it sounded soooooo nice! oh, and the owner was one heck of a nice guy, so if you get a minute stop by their website! (and no this company does not sponsor me in any way, they were just really nice people)


There were also plenty of XJ's to make my infatuation with them that much worse.

Also in attendance was the official Jeep Brand vehicle concepts released for Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah earlier this year.

All of the new Jeep concept vehicles were awesome and all (in my opinion do a very good job representing the brand and all its been known for since it first came out to protect freedom and liberty in WWII) however the way they incorporated the word "RESPECT" into the staff car, really worked for me, honoring it's military roots, and those who have served and continue to.
Vendors and Friends...
I've added links to some (if not all) of the vendors featured here, so feel free to click on the name and visit their websites, they all have great products, and many are small businesses, and all support yours truly in one way or another, oh and tell them I sent you!


Jeeps Gone Wild 4x4



ARB 4X4 Accessories

Be on the look out for an upcoming review of this refrigerator/freezer

Tania and Jack from Jeep Lyfe
Mike Noguera from Jeep Only Club in Miami, always a smiling face at these events
Eric Valdes from ARB, yours truly, and Kevin Osborne from Jeeps Gone Wild

Mark Baker from Nightsun 4x4, yours truly and William Hare from GearShade at Daytona Beach Brewery

Displays, attractions and sights.....


with @imsupersteph and @ilexo, look them up on Instagram, and the Tomahawk behind us.

Richard Petty Experience was in hand with show specials, and providing a lovely race car engine sound as a background to the days activities.

Unfortunately I could not stay for the Sunday Jeep parade and its attempt at breaking a Guinness World Record, however I'm glad to report that they did break the record, so congratulations are in order to the Mid-Florida Jeep Club and all who participated.

If you've never been to this event you should added to your to do list, it is a great event and lots of fun for everyone and great opportunity to meet your favorite vendors and even social media celebrities.

Like always I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and maybe even the commentaries!