Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I paddled a Canoe!

By now it's safe to say that I'm a beer drinker with a camping problem (yes, I borrowed that from a shirt I saw on FB), and that would probably be a good description of some of my friends as well. During last camping trip (Alexander Springs, Ocala National Forest) Ludy suggested what our next trip should be, Fisheating Creek. This place was nothing but awesome, it had great campsites, amazing views while on the water, and various activities that one could participate in like hiking, paddling, and eco-tours. Our campsites just happened to be the best ones one could ask for (that were not by the water) having the set ups/vehicles we have. This trip also marked the "christening" of Derek's new trailer, the "millennium falcon", as well as the Frierys meeting the Osbornes for the first time.
Fisheating Creek is about 2 hours northwest of Fort Lauderdale, Fl, so it only made sense to have a little fun along the way and enjoy some "landmarks" on the cities along the way. The route actually lent itself for that as well since it was mostly HWY US 27 going thru Clewiston among other smaller cities/towns.
We met up at a rest area off of US 27 off the I-75 exit, where Derek was already waiting.
 Ludy brought her home made green juice that was the best liquid breakfast (after beer)

 One of the best things of these trips is driving in a convoy, and sometimes even the CB radio conversations.

Finally at Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area! 
The thing about Ludy is that she always has a smile on her face, and kind words to say.
 Jeeps Gone Wild was on attendance with their White Knight Rubicon


Thanks to Amanda I didn't end up swimming with the gators, which were in abundance at this place. Also from this point on the pics were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5, since I was afraid of taking my camera for a swim. 
Mike and Tiffany with "princess" Ludy (who proclaimed herself  "queen of denial" that day, lol)
Amanda was on a roll not only keeping me from going for a swim, but also helping those that may have gotten stuck. 
Sometimes after a paddle one just needs a Funky Buddha beer (or several) 
And sadly like every trip before this, this trip came to an end, and off we go again home where a nice shower awaited me! Like always I hope you enjoyed the pictures and commentaries, and get out there and have an adventure.

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