Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shark Valley the complete 15 miles

So today after I had talked myself out of going to the Everglades I ended up going to Shark Valley. It has been raining the last few weeks, so I didn't know what to expect as far as driving conditions, and sights. After I decided this morning to go out the plan was to go to the Loop Road and Burns Lake, but Shark Valley eneded up being it (at the very last second too). The last time I went I was not prepared to spend the amount of time needed to complete the 15 mile loop, so after walking a little over 2 miles it was time to head back to the Jeep. Today was a different story, and I was well prepared for a day almost anywhere within Everglades National Park. I also needed some time alone, and well there was plenty of it.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Normally the trips on this blog are made in my Jeep, but there is no private vehicle driving at Shark Valley, so you  can walk, run, or bike. I rented a bike!
A new friend that didn't mind posing for a few pictures and video.
The observation tower at the halfway point within sight!!
It was very exciting walking up the ramp to the tower and see the spiral stairs going to the very top, sadly they are locked up.
Once at the observation deck there is a map that shows you were you are, happens to be in the middle of the Everglades, and the view from there hard to describe, but breathtaking will have to do.
On the way back I had somewhat of a cloud cover to make it a little less hot, but it must have been somewhere around 100 degrees with the heat index.
The drive back home incluided a little pre-running, courtesy of the south florida water management district!
Thanks for stopping by, and I really hope you enjoyed the pictures. Now get out there and see it for yourself!