Sunday, February 28, 2016

Survivor Filter Hydration backpack

The people from Survivor Filter have been very kind to me for sometime now, providing me and Derek with personal water filters as well as their Pro Filter. Recently they launched their first hydration back pack and before I knew it they had sent me one to test and review.

Survivor Filter attaches to water bottles

Survivor Filter Pro is the perfect companion for groups or to fill up bottles on the go
Survivor Filter Hydration tactical backpack
Upon arrival the bag resembled another bag I've seen/have, however with improvements. The bag looks solidly made with wide shoulder straps, chest and waist straps, and the water bladder looks very sturdy with a wide cap that makes it easy to clean.

I've been using it now for over a month on my Saturday bike rides and it carries my essentials like a first aid kit, spare inner tube, knife, wallet, a hat, flashlight and my keys. The bag has enough room for a 1 (maybe 2) night hammock camping trip and the water bladder holds 2.5 litters of water. As far as comfort goes this bag can be carried all day with minimum fatigue and it does not sway from side to side even on leaning turns.

Two main compartments and 2 outside pockets make organizing all your gear easy.
As far an initial impressions go this bag looks and feels like the perfect outdoor daypack and I am really looking forward to more usage out of it and long term testing, for now would I recommend it? Absolutely! You can pick yours up on their website at