Monday, June 22, 2015

Camera and Video equipment....

Since I'm forced to postpone  Epic Trip 2015: Exploring Florida due to a knee injury, I thought it would be a good idea to show you the equipment used to document my trips along with my opinion on it. Keep in mind that this equipment has been purchased by me, or has been a present, however sponsorships are always welcomed.

If you've been reading or following this blog for a while you may have noticed I rely heavily on pictures (and a few videos) to tell the story of my adventures. A lot of what I write about could even be considered a review, heck maybe even a report on the places I visit, however without pictures, I'm not sure I would read it, let alone expect any of you to, lol.

  • Nikon D3600
  • Olympus Tough (point and shoot) water proof/shock proof
  • GoPro 2 960 HD (click here to see a video from Jeeptoberfest 2012): Honestly I still like this camera very much, the only thing is that if I use it to shoot video from outside the Jeep I end up too many hours of footage.
  • GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition: This new camera is awesome, not only because of the high quality video/pics, but because I can use the phone app to take videos and pictures via blue tooth/Wi-Fi.

  • Lenovo ideapad Z380 Laptop: This is my pc at home and what most of the blog post, picture editing, and video production have been done to date with.

  • Windows Surface 3: This tablet/pc hybrid actually does an amazing job at replacing both tablets and personal computers, it also has a micro sd card port, which allows me to upload my GoPro 4 videos and pictures without using any more cables. It is also lightweight and compact, meaning it can go on the road while not adding more weight.
Accessories and Electronics:
  • Multiple position tripod for GoPro: This "selfie stick" doubles, actually triples as a small tripod and a medium height tripod.
  • Suction mount for GoPro cameras: For those outside of the vehicle shots with out having to mount permanent mounts all over your vehicle, letting you capture more interesting shots of your travels.
  • Pelican Case 1500: This is THE case to have to protect your valuables/ electronics while traveling, proved in used by the military, and public safety agencies around the world, besides production crews and such.
  • Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus kit: Because electronics needing charging in places with no electrical hook up.

All cameras and accessories securely packed into the case

At the end of the day al these are just tools to help tell story, I'm just doing my best to learn how to use them to present the story to you, the reader. Hopefully the stories are getting better, as well as the content, but if there is something that is missing, please send me a message I would appreciate it!
Picture taken with the GoPro 4 Black Edition using the phone app.
At this point I usually close with some positive message about conservation, however this post will end the same way. All this equipment without any nature to be photographed would be useless, so please when you do go and have your adventures leave only your foot prints, and pick up if you find that some else didn't. Oh and please share with me what equipment do you use to document your adventures.

Pops N Brews at The Tap Shack

So for father's day 2015 Trail Rated Events and The Tap Shack hosted a show and shine event, where local Jeepers got together and celebrated dad's day and their beloved vehicles. Founders brewery was also on tap, and prizes were handed out during the raffle, which had to be the easiest raffle in history since all one needed to do was get a beer to get a raffle ticket.


Mike at the Tap Shack, tell him I sent you when you stop by

One of my favorite things at the Tap Shack is that one can order things that may not be on the menu and they'll gladly make them, like this sandwich Kevin ordered.
Even without my Jeep, I still managed to take a prize home, this awesome Founders Sign will look great in my home office!

While most people use their GoPro for video, I still love taking pictures with it, and the quality of the pictures and ease of use with the phone app just make it that much better.

Doug took 1st place in the Show and Shine

Darran and Mia took 2nd place (plus a few other prizes in the raffle)

Yes, they deliver! If you are in the Ft. Lauderdale area, give them a call.

Stomper took first place in the show and shine


Well as far as family, friends, jeeps, good food, fun filled days go, I'd say this one took the prize, a lot of work from a lot of good people really paid off, and at the end we all had a great time. My hat off to all of you for making this event happen!