Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jeep Beach 2013

So the 10th anniversary of Jeep Beach came around, and J.O.C. was there among other south Florida clubs representing, and networking. I would like to thank from the beginning all of the Jeep Only Club members that attended and made this an awesome week end for me.


Kevin on his Jammock wearing a horse mask (red jeep)

A night by the fire with good friends!


The AEV TJ Brute, sadly they do not make them any more, you can however buy the conversion kit and have your local body shop build it for you.

SFJC and J.O.C. member Cracker Jack representing South Florida on the obstacle course

Manley ORV Trailers were on the show to let participants take a first hand look at their trailers.

Jeeps and NASCAR on the same venue, how could a day get much better?

Making the best of waiting in line for the off-road course.

Art pieces in the sand by J.O.C. members

I would like to thank Mid-Florida Jeep Club, the Jeep Only Club, and everyone who I met, participated in the event or otherwise made this a great week end and event.