Tuesday, March 3, 2015

1020 Outfitters' Good To-Go Adventure Nutrition (good food to go)

As I plan and prepare for Epic Trip 2015 I came across a page on Instagram that caught my attention (refer to my last post to see how this social media thing is actually improving my life), that lead to finding them on Facebook, they followed me back on IG and after some chatting, well I have a new sponsor, 10-20 Outfitters. This company is made up of a diverse group of people whose desire for adventure brought them together to create a community of sorts to support and encourage other adventurist and people to "get out there and do something". This is probably the reason why we seem to be a good match, I mean after all besides sharing some of my adventures, this blog is done to encourage other people to have their own adventures.

Their first care package arrived this week with four meals for me to try and review, along with decals for the trailer and Jeep. Once I opened the package (which I must admit it was kind of like x-mas morning for me), I decided that a review while camping would yield better pictures for this blog, but lets face it, I want to play with my new toys, so I helped myself to one meal today.

The food is packaged in individual portions (at least for my eating habits) are gluten free and this one was vegetarian. Like with most food these days all ingredients are listed on the back and the very simple instructions (seriously, 4 steps if you count the waiting period and stirring).

The final product was a very delicious meal which didn't taste like what most people expect healthy, vegetarian or prepackaged foods to taste like, matter of fact I ended up using it to make my lamb meat taste better (since I'm not much of a cook). There is also a good probability that these meals will be becoming part of my lunch box for work since they are healthy, delicious, easy to make and fit in my backpack without needing refrigeration or the need for cooking equipment (except a microwave to get the water boiling).

So if you are into backpacking, hiking, camping, or just need a good healthy meal while at work, the guys at 10-20 Outfitters have the answer to the question of "good food, or fast food?" Also you will see a link to their page at the bottom of our page in the coming days, pay them a visit and tell them I sent you!