Monday, February 23, 2015

Alexander Springs, Ocala 2015

As I sit down to write this post it occurs to me that as a child altho I loved reading, I hated writing, fast forward 30 plus years and what am I doing (well at least attempting to do)? Writting a blog and a column on a magazine, all about things I'm passionate about, like the outdoors and safety. Both things have also led to making friends from all walks of life and from places as distant as Alaska.
If you have been following this blog you may have noticed that every February myself along with some friends go to the Ocala National Forest for a weekend of camping and driving thru the forest. What does any of this have to do with my writing or anything else? Well it's because of blogging that I've "ventured out" online seeking like minded people to get ideas or inspiration if you will, for more trips and adventures, whether a day outting to the Everglades, or a multi week trip to Utah or Alaska.

This latest outting included some new friends (met thru instagram of all places), along with some familiar faces like Ludy, Amanda and Derek (who by now should probably be a co-writter of this blog). So there we were, Alexander Springs waiting for the arrival of Mike and Tiffany (their blog you, me and the dogs) on a cold (for south Florida standards) night.

Alexander Springs offers many outdoor recreational opportunities like canoeing/kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Impromptu photo op anyone?
The Gopher Tortoise

When visiting Ocala it's almost mandatory to go riding thru the forest at night, I mean how else are you supposed to stumble upon the "deliverance" type community bonfire?

This picture is brought to you by Nightsun 4x4 , you can see the difference in lighting between the Jeeps, tell Mark I sent you ;-)

After having survived the Saturday night wheeling, Sunday was off to a slow start over a fire, coffee and breakfast, before those leaving would hit the road, and Derek and I (like many other times) remained behind.

 Derek and Amanda where exhausted from all that eating breakfast and excitement of checking out the Gopher Tortoise (Mike and Tiffany's rig).

 Back on the trails one more time because, why not?

Our much refined beer drinking taste while camping as seen on this bottle caps, lol.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures here (which some were taken by the talented Amanda Burns TheEditGal on Twitter), and that maybe you get inspired to go out there and see the real Florida and meet new and exciting people.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lazy Springs January 2015

This post should've come out in late January 2015, however it is coming out now, hope you enjoy it nearly as much as I did being there!

Children have playgrounds, dogs, dog parks, so what do Jeeples (Jeep people) have? Off-road parks of course! With the new year starting what better way to spend a Saturday than with 50 of your closest Jeeples playing in the mud, trails, and rocks at Lazy Springs Recreational Park, in Felda Fl.

We started by meeting up at a rest area on alligator alley where Jeeples from all over the southeast Florida tri-county area gathered to organize a 50 (+/-) Jeep vehicle convoy.

Once at Lazy Springs, the parade of Jeep vehicles continued, and we caught up with some friends who had arrived earlier that day. Mark Baker from Night Sun 4x4 in the Night Sun 4x4 Support Van, offering a shaded area for people to get some rest from the sun and burgers and cold refreshments to those who stopped by.

Bob and Laura from Sugar Shakers Motorclub were also present and offering a shaded area for Jeeples to get out of the sun. 

Laura and Kevin from Jeeps Gone Wild, where also running around in their Willy's vehicle.

Stat Packs and Heartsine AED from Safety & Rescue Training, LLC were on hand in case of medical emergencies

Locked N Loaded Motorclub was also on attendance hanging out with Jeeps Gone Wild and having a blast on  the Willy's

Karnage Motorpsorts with their White Elephant

Not a Jeep vehicle, but a very nice built Tacoma, it reminded me of the one my friend Bart had at Overland Expo East 2014

Nat in her Black Dragon

 This guy was determined to help out, if it wasn't for his tow rope snapping in halfs, he probably would still be there, lol. All kidding aside it's always refreshing to see people trying to help out.

Eventually the heavy machinery had to be called in

Even Harlem was enjoying a jeep'ing day!

D-rock, Blue Leader and Old man Willys getting some rest between mud treatments.

Common sights around Jeep vehicle activities, particularly the off-road kind, smiles and repairs, heck they almost go hand in hand!


And just as the sun was setting it was time to wrap it up and head home. This was a great day experience where clubs, vendors, and friends got to hang out, and share our passion for the outdoors, Jeeps and a good time.