Friday, August 12, 2011

Naples, August 2011

Something will always hold true, "life is what happens in between the plans you make" and this was very much the case on our first getaway on our camper trailer. In all fairness to my other half, I was a bit unnerved by the fact that the plans I'd made to make this trip a special one were "washing down the drain" with all the rain, but she did remind me of what really matters and things started looking up.
The drive across alligator alley was a wet and windy one, but the jeep did what it was meant to do, get us there safely despite inclement weather.

Once at the RV resort (Rock Creek RV Resort) the weather held up, long enough for us to set up and make ourselves at home. The resort was very nice, quiet (despite the executive airport next door), and the creek and grounds made it feel as it if were the middle of the tropics.

What started up as a "wash down" quickly became a very well deserved and enjoyed "R&R", a little "Food for the soul" (shopping at Whole Foods) and off to a cozy night in watching a rental movie on the Tablet.

Thursday was off to a great start, weather was nice, just a few clouds on the horizon, and not too hot or humid. The beach was calling us, and being beach people, "how could we not answer? "

This was a great way to start the day, beach, shelling, and picture taking, along with some small wave body surfing.

When you visit such a pretty place, you have to go for a walk, and this city made it as walk friendly as it gets, from the free parking all along the street, and "double wide" sidewalks, plenty of shade in the form of awnings, umbrellas and trees. Shops lined the sidewalks, restaurants, galleries, and all sorts of other business too.

There was so much to see here, from a memorial to U.S. veterans, to collectible cars along the road.

After plenty of walking there are only a few things left to do.....lunch followed by a movie, all the while escaping the summer heat.

The drive home couldn't be complete without a torrential downpour, and sideways rain, however after every storm, the sun will shine.

This was our first camping trip and like always a learning experience, of which I'm glad to say not only I have a great life partner, but an amazing camping one too!