Friday, May 1, 2015

Gear Review: Crosstac COLORADO Pack

I was given this Crosstac COLORADO (COmpact LOng RAnge Data Organizer) Pack to review by my friend William Echols (Safari Outfitter). Since we were at a Jeep Show (like a car show, but all Jeeps) and we were both taking pics for write ups, it seemed like a good idea to try it on right then and there, and look for information on it later (guy stuff you know, "why read instructions first?"). As it turns out it worked really good for the day to keep things that would normally would be in my cargo shorts pockets (wallet, multi-tool, a new knife, and phone), weighing them down as I walked around and took pictures, talked to people and the like.

This pack is sold and marketed towards the long distance shooting crowd, however as an outdoors man (and EMT) I immediately found it to be very well suited for day hikes or such activities (mountain biking, etc.)  where one would want to keep weight down while still being prepared for possible emergencies that could arise. This pack fits essentials like a bandages, tourniquet, knife/multi tool, a note pad and pen, a small water filter (lifestraw, etc.), small flash light, and hand held GPS.

Contents: bloodstopper bandage, Samsung Galaxy 5s, Leatherman multi tool, Garmin Venture Cx, Rite in the Rain pen and Pad, gloves are notably missing but before heading out at least 2 pairs will be added.

The pack itself lends to additions inside since both side of it are lined with Velcro attachments so it can be somewhat modified to fit your particular taste/needs better. It really looks and feels very sturdy, yet light enough to be worn all day with out fatigue, zippers are sturdy and hard to break(considering how not delicate I can be at times this is a plus).

All in all this pack is something I'd want in my equipment quiver for day activities, and to teach myself to minimize how much I carry on a day trip.

Key features include (taken from the Crosstac website):
  • Comes in coyote brown.
  • KESTREL HOLDER is included with the pack. It's backed with velcro and detaches easily. Kestrel is NOT included.
  • Multiple loops for tools all attach with velcro for easy configuration.
  • Sealed zipper keeps out range dust.
  • Holds a 4" x 6" Right in the Rain or any similar-sized writing tablet. Built in page retainer holds pages in place on windy days.
  • Detachable chest harness makes the pack conveniently wearable. Quick disconnect buckles make removing the pack a snap.
  • Can open to a 45 degree angle when standing or lays flat when prone.
  • Molle on the rear exterior for convenient attachments to most anything.
  • Zippered exterior pocket with removable poly stiffener (used to give you a better writing surface when pack is open.
  • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.