Thursday, May 26, 2016

Road Shower 2

Back in September 2015 I purchased a Road Shower 2 to take to Overland Expo 2015, however the weather at the expo was not conducive to taking outdoor showers next to the trailer, you know something about 45 degrees with 20 + mph sustained winds just didn't feel inviting, lol. Instead I opted for the heated showers offered inside the "bathhouse" tents by the event. Fast forward to present day and life has decided I'm not able to go on as many adventures as I used to up to last year, or for that matter as long since I can still enjoy the outdoors, just on a local level and for no more than 4 hours at a time. Lucky for me 21 years ago I decided to move to "the Venice of America", Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and while at the southeast part of this very long state, it is loaded with outdoor opportunities, so might as well take advantage of what's here.

So back to the post at hand, the Road Shower 2, what is the Road Shower 2? The short answer is a pressurized/solar hot water shower system for your vehicle or trailer. As you can see it has a black powder coating, and for safety reasons has a thermometer on the side so you can see how hot the water inside is. Also on top it has a tire air plug so that a tire air pump can pressurize the shower, overall a very simple concept/system.

RoadShower2 mounted just below the tent on the trailer, this location allows some light to warm the water without it becoming too hot to use in in Florida.

I've had the roadshower2 mounted temporarily on the trailer, but recently moved it to Big Bertha (second part of making of a beach van coming soon) since she is the go to my day job/go paddling/ go body surfing/hang out by the beach vehicle and it makes plenty of sense to have a shower on such vehicle.

RoadShower2 mounted on Big Bertha and still plenty of room for paddleboards on the stock cargo rack
What do I use it for? Simple wash off my paddle board, rinsing off my gear, rinsing myself off but only in the morning or early evening since it gets really hot down here.

all mounting hardware is included

easily pressurize the tank with any tire pump

water filling cap is tethered via chain to the tank

thermometer on the side so you may see how hot the water is in the tank

How much water does it keep? 5 gallons and it takes approximately 3 pumps at 18 psi to get them all out. For pressurization I use a tire inflator that connects to the 12v electric of the van (formerly known as the cigarette lighter).

Pressurizing the road shower, when doing so pay attention to the pressure. Here I did a 20 second count.

Filling the road shower using the garden hose

I can honestly say I'm satisfied with this product and would recommend it, however like most outdoor products there are considerations to keep in mind such as weather extremes, you now places where water freezes, and very hot places, so do your homework and always follow the safety guidelines on the product.

The hose nozzle can be adjusted for different streams

Once done rinsing the paddleboard, nothing wrong with rinsing Big Bertha out too.

For now hope you enjoyed this review, and go on an adventure even if for an hour, you'll be glad you did. To order your Road Shower just click on the link here and tell them I sent you! And remember to please leave only your foot prints!


  1. It seems like a good option, when you like to camp and go to the beach. Great review!!

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