Friday, December 18, 2015

Hiking and Fisheating Creek Outpost shennanigans

What do you do in December when the weather is in the 80's? We go camping and hiking in nearly waist deep water of course! We liked Fisheating Creek Outpost so much earlier this year that we decided to go back before the year was over, and since I was a trip or two behind my yearly quota, this was great opportunity to catch up.

Derek planned this trip, and in all fairness I was almost a guest in this trip, which was a new feeling for me, but enjoyable just the same. Derek and I met up at the Sawgrass Recreation area off of US 27 and drove together from there to Fisheating Creek Outpost, where we met up with the rest of the group.

Once at camp "hellos" were exchanged and accommodations for the week end opened up. There were plenty of Jeeples camping there as well and some non-jeeples with interesting set ups, proving that camping and adventures are for everyone with any vehicle.


Little did I know that it was going from a few puddles along the trail to the trail being underwater and up to almost my waist.

The photographers were leading the hike and for a change in front of the lens.

picture courtesy of Derek
 Donny and I kept going to see the rest of the park after the group finished the trail and went back to camp and some to kayak.

The other side of the camp had a day area with some remote campsites, and a lake with a swing rope.

Just on the other side of the park it was private property and there were some horses enjoying a meal in the great weather.

I understand that we don't really rough it when we go camping, but this during the summer may be genious!
 Back at camp there was wild life to watch and some relaxation to be had.

Gotta have hammocks.

For such a short trip and a relaxing one there were so many pictures to go thru, and most of the ones here were mine, it was truly difficult to choose which to post, to the point where I'm considering a "part 2" to this post. In the meantime I hope you enjoyed the pictures and comments as much as we enjoyed the week end, and if you can go out there and see this awesome place do yourself a favor and go.

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