Sunday, September 7, 2014

Manley ORV 1 year review

It has been over a year since I purchased my Manley ORV trailer. In that time I've travel and camped all over Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South and North Carolina, and the second Epic Trip (E.T. '14). during this time the trailer and tent combo have been visited by a bear (while I was inside), driven thru extremely heavy rain, driven on and off-road, played at an off-road park and even showed up at car shows.

I've made some additions to the trailer since I bought it as a plain utility trailer. I added a nose cargo box, a roof rack and a roof top tent (rtt) and everything it needs to spend a week in the middle of nowhere at a moments notice, the only thing I need to stop and get are food, ice and of course beer.

The only issue I've had with it has been one of the tailgate latches that broke the pin off, but Josh Manley sent me a new one in a matter of days. The customer service at Manley has always been amazing which was one of the draws to purchase from them.

This trailer is extremely solid and easy to tow on and off-road.

It also makes for a great impromptu kitchen on the side of the road!

All I can say is this trailer/tent combo are nothing short of amazing for short or long camping trips and definitely built for a Jeep to tow without hitting your pocket or performance.


  1. What trailer did it start as?

  2. It started as a basic Manley Orv trailer. The very first picture shows it.