Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lazy Springs Recreation and Off-Road Park May 25th, 2013

Saturday May 25th, 2013 Kevin, Laura, Derek, George, my cousin Jessica and I headed to Lazy Springs Off- Road park. The nearly 2 hour drive for me was an enjoyable one since most of it was thru the Florida Everglades. Once at the gate you can see so much of the park and the excitement really builds up.

The park offers plenty of room and "attractions" such as mud holes, rock piles to climb, an RTI ramp, trails, lakes, and porta-potties. This is a Jeep-enthusiast paradise. The only thing lacking was shaded areas, which is an easy problem to fix with canopies. As soon as we found "our spot" we set up camp.


After setting up camp and before we could go and play in the mud, and hills one of the Jeeps decided I wasn't ready or didn't want to go so it became a time to rest from the drive in and for Kevin and George to try to figure out the problem.

After some tinkering it was decided that a quick pull of the non-starting Jeep would get it running again, and off we went.



In between the playing in the mud and RTI ramp Kevin kept himself busy rescuing stucked vehicles.

After all the rescuing, mudding, hill climbing, and barbequing it was time to head back home with the sun setting behind us and another great day of 4x4 fun. 


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