Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ocala National Forest and Jeeptoberfest 2012


Jeeptoberfest 2012 came about, and the Jeep Club Only, like many other jeep clubs in south Florida we made plans to go and take advantage of the resources ofered by the Ocala National Forest for off-road driving. The crew for the week end was Mike and Michael, Derek and Myself and our respective Jeeps (two JKU and my 2004 TJ).

The trip to the campsite in the Ocala National Forest took a little over 5 hours thanks to some road closures, and an impromptu night trail riding session.

All which meant that we would be setting up camp in the dark, but still had a blast doing it.
We sat by a fire, had a cold beverage and called it a night so that we could be up early and head out to Jeeptoberfest 2012.
Beautiful and cool sunrise than I had not anticipated.
 The drive to the Marion County Fair was nothing short of breathtaking sceneries.

Once at the Fair  it was like a jeeper's dream come true with newer model jeeps, older models, collectibles, and extremely modified.

There were "trails" for all levels of Jeep (mildly modified, modified, and extreme)

The local Jeep club also has a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) that provides a 4x4 Search and Rescue (SAR) Team to the local Sheriff's Office.
Also Jeeps for sale, and for show

After the festival we went back to camp, went driving thru some of the trails nearby camp, cooked by the fire, and bed again so we get one more day of exploration thru the Ocala National Forest the next day.

Mike and Derek took some videos along the way and at the festival, mine you can see by clicking on the link (which is a few months behind too).

Once again heading back to camp, but this time to pack things up, and head home.

The sun sets yet again on another trip, not without remembering the memories and new friends made along the way, people whom I hope to be sharing more adventures with in the near future.

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